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Sample Projects 

Millennials and Gen Z: A Comprehensive Study of Alcohol and Non-Alcohol Beverage Purchase and Consumption Behavior

First Section: Uniquely compares 14 alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages on key attitudinal and behavioral metrics, including: preferences, perceptions, and usage occasions, especially given the considerable trade-offs younger beverage consumers make across these categories.

Second Section: Deep dive on wine purchase and consumption, including pre vs. post-Covid purchase, purchase drivers, and most relied on offline and online resources used to find wine.

Comprehensive Study of U.S. Wine Consumers

Evaluated consumer wine consumption and purchasing attitudes and behavior by key segmen  ts (Millennials, Boomers, DTC buyers, wine app users, affluent, ultra premium wine buyers, etc.) - providing an in-depth analysis and prescriptive recommendations for wine producers and sellers, restaurants, media planners (traditional, digital, and social) and industry thought leaders

Medical Food Startup

Identified key sales drivers, optimal price, and estimated market size for novel new product, helping launch and monitor in-market performance of highly successful company, Cooke Pharma, with clinically-based medical food product, HeartBar – Financial Times of London Pharma New Product Launch of the Year Finalist and top 5% in sales of over 1100 new products launched.

Social Media Startup

Identified market size, key service attributes, optimal price, and key target segments, informing product development, pricing, positioning strategy, and campaign message development for go-to market launch

Top Social Media Company

To inform critical new app-based digital payment service launch, identified product concept appeal and purchase intent, including when competing payment services are used - estimating differential product demand and competitive advantages and barriers by key small business segment in each of 5 country markets

Top Business Social Media Company

Redesigned cross media campaign effectiveness evaluation to more effectively measure campaign performance against purchase funnel KPI's; supported global role out across Business Units 

Leading Consumer Electronics Products Manufacturer

To inform media planning and retail support, uncovered critical sources of online and in-store information driving purchase decision-making in each of 10 product categories, creating path-to-purchase segments to enhance media planning and retail targeting.

Early Stage Skincare Products Company

Designed and conducted comprehensive benchmark AA&U study among GenZ's and Millennials to understand competitive performance on critical purchase funnel KPIs including unaided and aided brand awareness, product effectiveness perception, purchase intent, and purchase drivers....key metrics for evaluating campaign effectiveness and ROI at key milestones over time. Key actionable strengths to leverage and vulnerabilities to address were identified. 

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